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Legal information

Legal entity: limited liability company under French law (SAS)
Share capital: 304,900 Euros
Commercial and Companies Registry no.: R.C. 89 B 116
SIRET no.: 350 359 014 00023
APE code: 2229A
Intracommunity VAT no.: FR 89 350 359 014
DUNS no.: 762984060
Activity description: Manufacture of technical components made of plastic materials


Website General Terms of Use

The website www.nextis.fr (hereafter referred to as “the Website”) is published by the company:
NEXTIS (hereafter referred to as “NEXTIS”), limited liability company under French law (SAS), with a share capital of  304,900.00 euros, registered at the Commercial and Companies Registry (RCS) of Chalon sur Saône under the number B 350 359 014; Head office location: 12-14 RUE GEORGES EASTMAN 71100 CHALON SUR SAONE

The website publishing director is Mrs. Catherine BLANC, in her capacity of CEO of NEXTIS.

She may be reached at the contact information provided in article 6.1 of the Terms and Conditions hereof.

Design, Creation, Hosting:
i-com agence interactive – 52, avenue de Stalingrad – 21000 Dijon - France
I-Com, limited liability company (SAS), with a capital of €38,200 – RCS Dijon 432 209 427

The General Terms and Conditions hereof are intended to cover the extent of the website terms of use and access.

By accessing or using the Website, the User tacitly accepts these terms in full, and in their most recent on-line version.



1.1 Presentation

On this Website, NEXTIS provides information (organized by theme) about the NEXTIS group and its activities and offers, as well as technical documents and services.

The Website is not an e-commerce website: the information displayed is not to be regarded as any type of sales offer.

1.2 On-line cost estimate and Update
NEXTIS offers its users the possibility to request an on-line cost estimate: in order to receive relevant information from NEXTIS regarding this cost estimate request, the User commits to provide honest and accurate information along with his/her request.

1.3 Presentation contents and illustrations displayed on the Website, describing the services of NEXTIS, are to be regarded as information only and as such, do not hold any legal value. 

Users shall address any question they have about the services to NEXTIS at the contact information provided in article 6.1 of the Terms and Conditions hereof.



2.1 The Website is free of access.

2.2 Access is granted in a permanent and continuous fashion, except in cases of force majeure  or other events beyond the control of NEXTIS, as well as potential crashes and technical interventions required to ensure the proper functioning of the Website.

Moreover, for the very nature of the Internet, NEXTIS cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the Website on a 24/7 basis.

Besides, in order to ensure quality services, NEXTIS reserves the right to perform maintenance, updates, or technical interventions, which may cause a temporary shutdown of the Website.

In all cases, unavailability of the Website cannot be considered as a failure from NEXTIS to fulfil its obligations.



3.1 NEXTIS is committed to providing the Users of its Website with information of the highest quality and reliability.

NEXTIS does not guarantee, however, the accuracy, update and exhaustive nature of the information displayed on the Website, nor the consistency of the information with the intents of the User regarding it.

Consequently, the User agrees to use the information under his sole responsibility.


NEXTIS shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to Users or third parties who might take the Website content, or more generally, its use and consultation, as a source of information.

More particularly, NEXTIS shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to Users or third parties who might take as a source of information, the contents and results obtained from the tools and services available on the Website.

Consequently, contents and results obtained from the use of these on-line tools and services shall not be regarded as customized advice or studies provided by NEXTIS for one particular User. These types of services can only be issued by a member of the NEXTIS group and this, within the framework of a request with no relation to the access or use of the Website.

3.2 Users are offered the possibility to communicate files in electronic format to NEXTIS, through the on-line form available on the Website. Users commit to exclusively communicate information related to a cost estimate request.

Within the framework of the above-mentioned communication, are expressly prohibited: all contents that violate the French Laws and Regulations in force on a national, community and international scale, that prejudice intellectual property rights or the rights of a third party, and more generally, that are inconsistent with good morality or Public Order.

Moreover, the User commits to never:
attempt to provide misleading information to NEXTIS about his/her identity, professional experience and curriculum; hold, load, or transfer any content containing a computer virus or any other code, folder or program designed to disrupt, destroy, harm or damage the proper functioning of any software, computer, server, network or telecommunications tool (this list being not exhaustive).

3.3 NEXTIS does not perform any monitoring of the websites linked to its own Website through hypertext links and thus declines all responsibility as far as those sites and their content are concerned.



4.1 Any element characterizing the NEXTIS website, including texts, graphics, logos, icons, illustrations, audio and video contents, brand names, or software, are protected by the French copyright law, the trademark law, and all other intellectual property laws, and as such, belong to NEXTIS or third parties who granted NEXTIS the right to use them.

NEXTIS, as the Website publisher, grants the User a right to private, non-collective and non-exclusive use of its content.
Under these conditions, unless specifically authorized by the publisher, the User commits not to copy, summarize, modify, alter or reissue any text, title, application, software, logo, image, graphic charter, brand, data or illustration, except in the case of a strictly personal and private use, or within the sole framework of his/her company or group of companies, therefore excluding all commercial or mass reproduction purposes.

Similarly, the User commits not to partially or fully copy elements of the Website to another website or internal company network. The User particularly commits not to partially or fully extract the website for import or storage of its contents or of the NEXTIS database.

4.2 The Website as a whole, the terms of its consultation, and the data it contains, constitute the Databases of the Website.

These Databases are the exclusive property of NEXTIS and are protected by the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code relative to the French copyright law, and by the law of July 1, 1998 implementing the European Directive of March 11, 1996 on the legal protection of Databases.


Under these conditions, the User commits to use these data within the exclusive framework of the Website consultation and commits not to copy, translate, adapt, adjust, modify, communicate, produce or share, in a permanent or temporary manner, by any means and in any form whatsoever, all or any portion of the data contained in these databases, except in the cases mentioned in paragraph 4.1 of the article hereof.

4.3 Any creation of a hypertext link from a website to this Website shall have been granted prior and express authorization from NEXTIS.



5.1 NEXTIS commits to preserve the privacy of the information provided on-line by the Internet user. Any personal data this user might communicate to NEXTIS for the use of particular services is subjected to the provisions of the French Law no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relative to Information Technology and Data Protection.

NEXTIS has been declared to the French commission for information technology and civil liberties (CNIL) under the no. XXXXX

Therefore, Internet users are granted rights of access, correction and deletion of personal data regarding their person and can exercise these rights at any time by addressing a written request to:


Protection of personal data
12-14 rue George Eastman

Or by e-mail: nextis@nextis.fr

5.2 Personal data regarding Users, collected by the intermediary of forms, and all future information, are solely intended for the exclusive use of the NEXTIS company in the framework of the implementation of services offered to the Users on the Website. They are never communicated or transferred to a third party, other than the technical providers in charge of managing the Website who are required to respect the privacy of the data and to only use them during very specific interventions.

5.3 User data are also used in order to improve and customize the communications addressed to Users, such as the NEXTIS newsletters they might have subscribed to.



6.1 For further information or questions, feel free to contact us:

- By e-mail: nextis@nextis.fr

- By post at the following address:

12-14 rue George Eastman
By phone: +33
By fax: +33

6.2 The terms and conditions hereof state the obligations of NEXTIS and of the User in full.

NEXTIS reserves the right to unilaterally alter the present terms.

The new clauses will govern all future relations between the parties, only the new version shall prevail between them, and the applicable conditions are always those that are available online on the Website.

It is therefore recommended that the User regularly refers to the latest version of the General Terms of Use, available at all times via the “Legal Information” link of the Website.

6.3 If one of the provisions of the terms hereof is deemed invalid by virtue of a current or future legal or statutory provision, or a court ruling that constitutes res judicata pronounced by a competent court or body, that provision of the contract shall be deemed unwritten, and all of the other provisions of the General Terms of Use hereof shall remain in force between the parties.

6.4. The present General Terms of Use are governed by French law, as regards both substantive and procedural law and only the version written in the French language prevails for purposes of their interpretation.

In the event of a disagreement resulting from the performance or interpretation of the provisions of the present contract, the parties must meet in order to find an amicable settlement to their dispute, before bringing an action before the competent court.

If they fail to reach a settlement, AND IN THE CASE THE USER IS A PROFESSIONAL, THE DISPUTE WILL BE BROUGHT BEFORE THE COMMERCIAL court OF CHALON SUR SAONE, notwithstanding a plurality of respondents or a guaranteed appeal.


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