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Who are we?

Nextis, is ...

  • A team of experts and a modern infrastructure to efficiently set up the most demanding projects
    • Total production space of 7000 m2 ;
    • Extrusion unit equipped with state of the 
    • art production machinery ;
    • Injection unit of fully automated presses with 
    • a capacityranging between 30 to 500 tons ;
    • Clean room respecting ISO 8 standards adaptable to ISO 7.
  • A long-standing knowledge recognised by the leading players in the Plastics field.
  • A quality approach to better meet the needs and expectations of its customers.
  • NEXTIS is certified ISO 9001V2008 and ISO 13485.
  • One of the European leaders in the transformation of tubing and technically profiled polyurethane.



- Two buildings both based in Chalon sur saône, with a total production area of more than 7 000 m².
- Recent and secure buildings with a central workshop with both fire doors and walls.


Number of employees

 - 35 people



  •   Injection

- 30 to 500 ton presses
- Automation of all presses for placing the product onto the conveyor before packaging
- Packaging module within ISO7 and ISO8 environment


  •   Extrusion

- Modern extrusion lines
- All the extruders have on-line control equipment (laser) which guarantee the dimensional exactitude of the products
- ISO7 Clean Room for medical product extrusion


  •   Assembly

- Manual assembly work stations
- Adaptable semi-automatic work stations
- Entirely automated work stations adapted to specific needs